Renovations and quality hand craft that leads to perfection that is what CV & Bros is known for.

For centuries carpenters have been perfecting their craft. This craft has evolved to a natural merge in carpentry skill and home improvement projects. A simple lattice, a sprawling deck, and a railing for safety are end products of the exterior carpentry trade attempted by homeowners across the world.

Building a deck provides instant drama to a home and can optimize the enjoyment of a home’s views. Deck size and type should be determined by the activities that will take place on it. Check housing codes to indicate railing height. Designing a sweeping deck uses as much imagination as creating a grown-up tree-house for adults. Weatherproofing exterior carpentry projects is the main importance. The climate should indicate what type of materials should be used to build the deck and seal the wood. Caulking should be used as a sealant to help protect against weather elements. While the soffit, fascia and stucco will add decoration and style to a home, selecting the correct materials and integrating them into the design will provide optimum efficiency.


  • Custom home framing
  • Interior¬†and exterior door installation or replacement
  • Interior and exterior trim installation or replacement
  • Base trim and crown molding installation
  • Beadboard and wainscoting installation
  • Complete cabinet repairs or replacement
  • Window installation or replacement

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