Ceramic Flooring

Outstanding kitchen and bathroom floor installations with the use of top quality products


you’ve chosen your light fixtures, bathtub, shower sink and other elegant fixtures to make your bathroom look incredible, but there is still one more thing to consider to make it even more stylish.  You like the look of ceramic tiles, or  perhaps the conform and cozy feel of laminate  floor, wether your decisions is to complete your bathroom renovation CV & BROS is here to help you make your ideal bathroom renovation just like you have project it.  There are many benefits for considering  installing ceramic tiles for tour bathroom or even kitchen.  There durability is what make them better than other floor materials.  If you are planning to have your floor nice and clean for the next 10-20 years to come. Ceramic tiles is the way to go.

Hardwood Flooring

Add the elegant touch to your home with hardwood floor installation.  Make the gathering place of your home more welcoming and warmth!

If you’re considering installing a hardwood floor in your home, you have some decisions to make.

Many different types of hardwood floors are available, with various kinds of wood, installations, and patterns offering all sorts of choices—from planks you can stain with the color you want to easy-to-install prefinished boards.

The classic hardwood floor is oak, but in the stores you will also see maple, fir, walnut, birch, cherry, and beech. Pine is also used a lot in Country-style and reproduction houses, where it’s stained dark for an old-fashioned feel. The thing to note about pine is that it dents and scratches easily.

Bamboo floors have become popular recently. These are hard and durable and—because bamboo grows fast—considered more eco-friendly than other wood flooring.

When buying wood flooring, you will find it comes in three basic installation types:

  1. Strips: narrow tongue-and-groove boards cut in random lengths
  2. Planks: tongue-and-groove boards that come in various widths as well as random lengths
  3. Wood tile: most often patterned and laid in geometric patterns in a parquet style

You may also come across “floating” floor systems that have several veneered strips on top of a tongue-and-groove backing board.

Wood flooring may be factory prefinished or unfinished, with the latter sanded and finished after it is put in place. Most hardwood floor types and woods can be refinished. But a floating system—because it is veneer over backing—is finished in the factory as the boards are being made; it can’t be refinished.

Hardwood for flooring: Pros

The first advantage to a hardwood floor is the look. A classic hardwood floor creates a warm décor, and it also feels good under your feet. Most homeowners and buyers will agree that wood floors are beautiful and much more attractive than tile or carpet.

In addition to a wood floor’s warm look and feel, most homeowners find it easier to match furniture with it than with carpet. Wood is neutral, whereas carpet requires you to deal with a color palette. The neutral quality of wood becomes extra valuable when you are redecorating a room. Tile and carpet can limit your design and furniture choices, but a wood floor—whether you want to go ultramodern with steel and plastic furniture—can be stripped, sanded, and refinished with a light or clear stain to give the room a clean, bright feel.

The warmth of a hardwood floor goes beyond the look, however. A wood floor is a wonderful insulator that retains heat, which makes it comfortable to walk on and gives off a cozy feeling.


Renovations and quality hand craft that leads to perfection that is what CV & Bros is known for.

For centuries carpenters have been perfecting their craft. This craft has evolved to a natural merge in carpentry skill and home improvement projects. A simple lattice, a sprawling deck, and a railing for safety are end products of the exterior carpentry trade attempted by homeowners across the world.

Building a deck provides instant drama to a home and can optimize the enjoyment of a home’s views. Deck size and type should be determined by the activities that will take place on it. Check housing codes to indicate railing height. Designing a sweeping deck uses as much imagination as creating a grown-up tree-house for adults. Weatherproofing exterior carpentry projects is the main importance. The climate should indicate what type of materials should be used to build the deck and seal the wood. Caulking should be used as a sealant to help protect against weather elements. While the soffit, fascia and stucco will add decoration and style to a home, selecting the correct materials and integrating them into the design will provide optimum efficiency.


  • Custom home framing
  • Interior and exterior door installation or replacement
  • Interior and exterior trim installation or replacement
  • Base trim and crown molding installation
  • Beadboard and wainscoting installation
  • Complete cabinet repairs or replacement
  • Window installation or replacement


From interior to exterior paint wether is residential or commercial job site


CV & BROS is a full-service residential and commercial painting contractor specializing in interior and exterior painting. We have been painting houses and commercial properties all around South Shore MA area for the last 10 years and we proud to say that we can’t wait to continue growing as the next years come.

Residential Painting Services

Our interior and exterior residential painting experience includes: residential house painting, new home construction painting, painting historical New England homes and gutter cleaning services. The job may vary, but what remains the same is providing customers with the highest standards of quality work and service.

Commercial Painting Services

Our commercial painting services include: apartments, condominium communities, assisted living facilities, heath care facilities, schools, churches, municipalities and commercial building repaints.